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Scoring Rubrics

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Provide the students with a supply of the domino cards, or dominoes, and writing material. Deal five dominoes to each student in the group. Ask the students to record both dot patterns displayed on the dominoes as addition number sentences. Re-assessing Assessment Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation Sydney, NSW CENTRE FOR EDUCATION STATISTICS AND EVALUATION usagiftsshops.com 5 Integrating assessment with teaching and learning ‘task’ rubrics • Available assessment evidence should be used to draw a conclusion about where learners are.

The assessment you’ll find here is designed to help you determine students’ proficiency levels in reading nonfiction and summarizing the information therein and in writing an informational text based in part on information they have read themselves, heard read aloud, or viewed in video form.

Kindergarten Rubrics Elementary Rubrics Fountas and Pinnell Reading Level A to E Made by Mrs. Jones on Feb 26, using the charts on the Recording Sheets from the CD.


Merryn has developed an imaginative writing assessment rubric for stage 1 to stage 3, with student rubrics for stages and an exit slip for work sample annotations. These are cross referenced with the literacy continuum.

This product includes exit tickets that line up with the NSW Year 1 Maths syllabus.

Writing Assessments

It includes both a colour and a black and white copy to help make printing easy. Use them as a pre-assessment or a post-assessment.

Assessment Rubrics In Drama Writing assessment rubrics nsw
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