Writing a front page newspaper article

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How to Cite a Newspaper in MLA 7

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Write the newspaper name that you chose in the beginning across the top of the butcher paper. Use this template for the 3A Times to write a newspaper article.

Create a classroom newspaper and get your students reporting on current events in your community. Create a classroom newspaper and get your students reporting on current events in your community. Setting out your newspaper article on a page of a newspaper is more important than the content of the newspaper article itself.

Even if you’ve written an award-winning article, few people will take the time to read it if it doesn’t visually attract their attention and the headline doesn’t intrigue their senses in any way. This information presentation technique is that found in short, direct, front-page newspaper stories and the news bulletins that air on radio and television.

This is a style used only within a single article, not across a category of them. Step. Click the "Design" tab and select "Title" from the Document Formatting group to lay out the title of your newspaper.

Note the different choices depicted visually; choose the title with a line under if you wish to separate your title visually from the rest of the article. A. a front page newspaper article B. a speech from a politician C. a sitcom on telev 1.

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Writing a front page newspaper article

5 points Which of the following is a type of essay? A. a front page newspaper article B. a speech from a politician Which answer choice best describes one of the author's purposes for writing.

Writing a front page newspaper article
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