Scholastic writing awards guidelines

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2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Submissions are now open

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Scholastic Corporation

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Where Young Authors Can Submit

annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Congratulations to you and your students!


Gold and Silver Key work will be featured in an exhibition at SCAD from March in Atlanta, Ga. You and your high school students are invited to take a guided tour of the Scholastic Art & Writing. Corporate Governance The Board of Directors of Scholastic Corporation (the "Company") sets high standards for the Company's employees, officers and directors.

Implicit in this philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. FICTION. WINNER: Louise Erdrich, The Round House (Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers) > Interview > Video of acceptance speech and from Finalists Reading > Appreciations on Best of National Book Awards Fiction Blog FINALISTS: Junot Díaz, This Is How You Lose Her (Riverhead Books, a member of Penguin Group USA, Inc.).

Do you enjoy writing poetry, short stories, personal narratives, or some other type of writing? Attend a Scholastic Writing Awards Info Session to find out more. Guidelines for submitting manuscripts to Scholastic Scholastic Children’s Books no longer accepts unsolicited manuscripts.

We are happy to receive unsolicited illustration samples, but please do not send original artwork as it will not be returned and there may not be a response. Each year, the National Book Foundation presents its Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community, which is given to an individual for a lifetime of achievement in expanding the audience for books and reading.

Scholastic writing awards guidelines
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How to photograph artwork for submission – NYC Scholastic Art & Writing Awards